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The smart way to keep an eye on all things precious to you

Blog post   •   Jan 27, 2016 14:00 GMT

Smart Home technology, once the preserve of the rich and famous, is now affordable and easy to install. In fact, you can begin monitoring your house from a smartphone within minutes.

Using the Panasonic Smart Home system, anyone can watch and record live video from security cameras both indoors and outside, remotely control house lights and monitor the power consumption of electrical devices, all via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, there’s no monthly subscription fee required to run this wireless alarm system, and you can extend it as and when required using our wide range of optional accessories.

This technology is often called the Internet of Things – but perhaps it’s better thought of as a lifestyle game-changer. So what exactly can the Panasonic Smart Home system do for you?

The Panasonic Smart Home system comprises compact security cameras, sensors for windows and doors, motion sensors and Smart plugs. To keep installation easy, there are three separate starter packages available.

The KX-HN6010EW Home Safety Starter Kit is a great place to begin the home automation journey. This one-box home control kit comes with a KX-HNB600 Home Hub (required by all Panasonic Smart Home systems), a KX-HNS101 window/door sensor and KX-HNS102 motion sensor. This package provides the foundation of a Smart Home alarm system.

The step-up KX-HN6011EW Home Safety Starter Plus Kit adds a burglar alarm to the mix, triggered by a motion sensor.

The top of the range KX-HN6012EW Home Monitoring and Control Kit offers even more functionality. In addition to a Home Hub, it includes an indoor CCTV security camera, a pair of window/door sensors and a Smart Plug, which gives automated (or manual) control over everyday domestic electrical devices.

Set up is straightforward. Devices connect using one-push pairing: simply push the appropriate button on each device and they connect. There are no passcodes or keys to input.

Network security is a major concern with any Internet-based device. The last thing users want is their Wi-Fi network hacked or IP cameras hijacked. That’s not a problem here. Ingeniously, the Smart Home system uses DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE) wireless standard technology, rather than Wi-Fi, to connect devices. A variation on the wireless technology used by DECT landline telephones, Smart Home components are invisible to regular Wi-Fi connected devices because they are linked across a DECT network. Only the Hub itself is on the home Wi-Fi network, and it’s through this that you control and monitor their system.

There are other benefits to using a DECT-based monitoring network. The DECT signal is extremely robust, able to work reliably up to a maximum of 300m out of doors. This means you can use a Smart Home monitoring system to protect not just your home, but also alarm sheds, garages and outbuildings. Reassuring news if you store your bicycle, lawnmower or valuable tools away from the main property.

We’ll take a closer look at the various Panasonic Smart Home components available and explain how a system can be upgraded in a future blog.