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The Sportsmen Who Cut a Dash in a Smart Suit and a Pair of Cufflinks

Blog post   •   Aug 03, 2012 10:09 BST

When they spend most of their days in training gear, safety pads and trainers, it’s little wonder that sportsmen like to dress up when they are out and about.

Sartorial dressers, such as former boxer Chris Eubank and international football starDavid Beckham, have long been known for their style.

Smart suits, crisp shirts with double cuffs to accommodate stylish cufflinks, silk ties and gold tie pins are standard wear today for our chic athletes.

It hasn’t always been so.

Just look at former Australian cricketer Shane Warne, who went from Ozzie bloke to buffed and preened gent after meeting actress Liz Hurley, to whom he is now engaged. Not only has the bowling ace scrubbed up, he has been seen wearing expensive suits and even platinum diamond cufflinks to complement his groomed look (which were auctioned to raise money for his Foundation).

Other sportsmen like to make a statement with their cufflinks. Take a look at former WBAlightweight boxing champion Sean O’Grady, who had a special pair of gold cufflinks made after winning the world championships in 1987.

England under 21 manager Stuart Pearce also seemed to make a statement when he wore a pair of cufflinks when he was stand-in England manager in February 2012. Not only did the former footballer, who was known as Psycho, don a sharp suit, he also made a subtle hint about his suitability for the top job in football with a pair of cufflinks engraved with the word “Boss” (admittedly the fashion label, but nevertheless).

Over the Pond, we see American stars adopting a formal style of dressing, with the addition of cufflinks.

Mike Krzyzewski, former basketball hero and now head men's basketball coach at Duke University, is famous for his superb style. The clean lines of his expensive suits andgold cufflinks are all part of the look.

Buffalo Sabres’ ice hockey player Mark Pysyk is well-regarded in the sport as a top defenceman. He is also famous for his pre-game ritual of wearing his grandfather’s cufflinks before each match.

Sports fans appreciate style, too. There are plenty of official cufflinks linked to many sports clubs that both players and supporters can buy and wear on formal occasions.

You only have to take a look in club shops to see that cufflinks are popular merchandise. From rugby and football to cricket and golf, there will be a variety to choose from, including silver plated, enamel and gold, all of which bear the club emblem.

England FA cufflinks, ECB cufflinks that bear the three lions and RFU shirt accessories are all licensed for sale.

However, the affordability of bespoke cufflinks means that even the smallest of local clubs can create their own merchandise, including ties, belts and lapel pins, adding to the sense of belonging and community.

At Esquire Originals, we work closely with sports clubs that want to create their ownpersonalised cufflinks for presentations, special occasions or as part of the official uniform.

For further ideas on how we can help your club achieve a smart, new look, please read our eGuide “What’s This Year’s Summer Party Style Secret?”

Guest Post: Darren Walker is the sales manager of Esquire Originals, a design studio specialising in finely crafting hand-made, bespoke cufflinks for organisations and individuals. You can read more of Darren's articles on how cufflinks can promote organisational pride and commemorates special occasions by reading Kraft Cufflinks blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.