Dischromatics Limited

The Usefulness of Sharepoint

Blog post   •   Feb 26, 2013 16:16 GMT

From Media Company Dischromatics Ltd:

Gareth Spencer, Managing Director of Dischromatics in Newport South Wales says;

“We use SharePoint primarily for storing documents which require secure access to certain users only, traceability and versioning.  This assists us greatly in our ISO systems where we are able to track who has updated what and when…. 

He continues;

"We also use the list functions to track staff training and development and plan targets for environmental performance and business development.  Using similar functions, we are able to control our workflow, allocating tasks to different departments, for example from design to print or from video filming through to duplication, and this allows us to set deadlines and trace the progression of an order.  In this way we can also assess performance and set plans for continual improvement.”

Dischromatics have got seven SharePoint users in their company, and they all access it in different ways, with four of them using their Nokia Lumia to get into it on the move. But there are some frustrations too. Gareth says he would love to see improved interface with MAC systems for a “fully integrated creative office” and would also love the ability to synchronise his SharePoint calendar onto his Windows Phone. Currently, Windows Phone users can only sync their Exchange calendar directly to their WP8 device.