The value of a network

Blog post   •   Jan 19, 2012 12:59 GMT

(Picture: John Sjolund and Susan Moolman from Timesulin celebrating with key opinion leaders in diabetes, Manny Hernandez (TuDiabetes), Cherise Shockley (DSMA), Riva Greenberg (Huffington Post & Diabetes Stories)  and David Edelman and Elizabeth Edelman (Diabetes Daily) )

As I’m getting into the swing of things for 2012, I can’t help but reflect on the many highlights we have had as a company in 2011. The launch to trade at the FEND Conference in Lisbon back in September was great and the awareness it generated for Timesulin and the problem it solves was astounding. We secured some amazing support from the leading doctors and nurses across Europe – and further afield! – and have met such inspiring people.

The IDF’s World Diabetes Congress in Dubai at the beginning of December was another highlight and a definite high point in my personal experiences with Timesulin. Getting to know people with whom I’d been interacting in the online sphere and putting a personality to the name was just great. The feedback we received from these key opinion leaders strengthened our resolve to bring a product to the market that is simple to use, affordable and eases daily anxiety for millions of people living with diabetes.

As we’re gearing up to launch our webshop to consumers in the coming weeks, we’re entering another phase of networking and reaching out to new markets and telling people about the benefits that Timesulin offers. If the experiences we’ve had to date is any indication of what lies ahead, I am super excited.

And this is where our existing friends can help. Please help us spread the word about Timesulin. Let’s work together to ensure that no one ever again has to ask themselves, “Did I take my shot, or not?”. Because ultimately it’s all about helping people live a life with diabetes that is just a little easier. If we can take away one little nagging worry per day, that frees up so much time and energy for getting up to all sorts of other mischief.

And we like that!