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Thule adventure team in the world championship

Blog post   •   Nov 03, 2011 15:11 GMT

It was a massive start of the world championships in Tasmania, when around 160 kayaks took off from the beach with a 20 km stretch in the ocean. 20 km of trekking followed the kayaking which lead towards a cold and wet cave. The first section was quite easy, along a route that was done for tourist, it then continue down to the wet and narrow sections of the cave system. Some of the teams were done quickly in the caves and where able to rest a few minutes since it was mandatory to be in the cave system 1 hour.

At the moment Thule Adventure Team are at the third place from the top after now have started to come closer to the leader, Team Seagate.

Here is the track in short:
1. Kayak 20 km.
2. Trekking 20 km.
3. MTB 20 km.
4. Cave 1 hour.
5. MTB 50 km.
6. Trekking 60km.
7. Rafting 8km.
8. Kayak 20km.
9. MTB 105km.
”MIDCAMP” –mandatory 6-hours stopp.
10. Trekking 65 km.
11. MTB 150km.
12. Kayak/trekking 64 km/12km
13. MTB 70km
14. Trekking 25 km
15. MTB 35 km 

Estimated finish for the winning team is Monday 08:00 local time.