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Top Affordable Home Vacuum Packing Machines

Blog post   •   Jan 18, 2017 12:46 GMT

As at home vacuum packing machines become increasingly popular, thankfully they are also becoming cheaper and a wider array of choices of machine are available. But with so many to choose from, what are the best, cheap vacuum packers on the market?

1 Nesco VS-02

The Nesco is an easy choice for the best vacuum packer at the bottom end of the price range at just under £150.00. While the product is bulky and heavy, the size is worth it for its performance and the built in roll dispenser, which is a feature that is absent from many at home vacuum packing machines. Another unique feature to the Nesco VS-02 that qualifies it as one of the best affordable vacuum packers on the market is its seal time. Unlike many other cheap models, the Nesco VS-02 prolongs the sealing period, which ensures that a strong seal is obtained. This is particularly important for home vacuum packing users who want to store liquids, which can often breach seals if they are not sealed firmly enough.

2 Food Savers V4880

The food saver V4880 made it to the top of our list for the sheer number of additional products that comes with the vacuum packing machine. In addition to the vacuum packing machine itself, the product also comes with a variation in sizes of BPA free vacuum packer compatible vacuum packing bags as well as 2 boxes for your leftovers and wine stopper built into the machine. This vacuum packing machine also has a built in automatic detector for the vacuum sealing bags meaning that the user does not need to press any additional buttons for sealing to take place. This is particularly useful for when sealing liquids, powders or grained products that may require two hands to keep the bag steady before it has been vacuum sealed.