Top Five UK Cars - How You Can Get One Today

Blog post   •   Feb 02, 2011 10:05 GMT

Each and every year, the popular motoring magazine Auto Trader publishes a list of their top five cars in the UK for the past year.

Taking a look at the entire market, Auto Trader have stated that the following five cars have been the most popular in the country for the whole of 2010.

1. Audi A4 – marketed as a compact executive car, the A4 offers the traditional and somewhat expected style and sophistication of Audi with extreme versatility and capability.

Having been part of Audi’s range since 1994, the A4 looks the part and can meet the needs of a busy, growing family with ease.

2. BMW 3 Series - the company’s best selling car of all time, the BMW 3 series was introduced to the market in 1975 and has gone on to get itself a reputation of being a car that performs well in various respects, from being a sporty vehicle right through to being a capable family car.

3. Ford Focus - a consistent high perform in the UK, the Ford Focus is one of the best small family cars to have ever entered the market over the last decade and as with the BMW 3 series, as it has a sporty look to it and there are some high performing versions out there, it makes it a suitable car for a range of different people on the car buying market.

4. Vauxhall Astra - one of the reasons behind the Astra’s popularity is that in respect of the modern versions in particular, they are trendy, sporty, handle well and are fast, making them suitable for the younger drivers on the market.

However, once these younger drivers grow up and have families, it becomes apparent to them just how practical Astra’s can be, with plenty of space in the cabin and their spacious boot.

5. Volkswagen Golf – very similar to the Astra, Golf’s are known for their popularity amongst the younger market, but their uses and features transfer particularly well once the owners start a family.

Now whilst these five cars are popular and generally quite affordable – the most expensive of the three (the Volkswagen Golf) starts at under 32,000 pounds and the cheapest (the Ford Focus), has a price tag when brand new of just 16,567 pounds – buying them outright can stretch many buyers’ budgets and this is why you need to take a look at a finance deal of some form.

Whether it’s leasing, hiring or car loans, each and every type of car finance gives you the opportunity to get one of the most popular cars in the UK in 2010 without having to have the money available to pay for it upfront.

Meaning that you can be driving around in a car that you want rather than what you need,  leasing, hiring and car loans all offer the car buyer different monthly payments dependant upon their needs, with at least one of them being suitable to the vast majority of the entire car buying market within the UK.