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Top Spots For British Walking Holidays

Blog post   •   May 21, 2014 16:00 BST


May marks the United Kingdom’s National Walking Month, in which British citizens are encouraged to indulge in this increasingly popular activity. As a result, it is likely that many Britons are ready to embark on their first-ever trek or hike. And a real treat awaits them in the wealth of walking locations and trails the British Isles have to offer.

In fact, whether one is located in England, Scotland or Ireland, one will never be short of places in which to enjoy a good ramble. The best British locations for walking holidays leave nothing to be desired when compared to spots elsewhere in the world, and keen trekkers will surely derive much enjoyment from the Isles’ most famous peaks, valleys and fields.

The Scottish Highlands are a good example of what Britain has to offer in terms ofwalking holidays. With challenging trails and spectacular mountain views, this region of Scotland is bound to mesmerise and fascinate even the most callused of walkers. Those seeking something a little more easy-going, but no less visually appealing, may head to the Peak District, where plenty of bucolic hills and meadows wait to be explored.

The Lake District and the massifs of Wales are other destinations British-based walking enthusiasts are likely to appreciate as potential destinations for their walking holidays during this National Walking Month of May. Both regions offer dazzling countryside landscapes to be appreciated from atop challenging, but ultimately worthwhile, climbs that no trekker will find fault with, and which can be accessed in only a few scant hours by car or public transport!

In short, the United Kingdom is just as great a destination for walking holidays as any other – and the National Walking Month is the perfect opportunity for first-time hikers to discover as much!