Translating CX into value: Neopost sponsors the CX Strategy and Innovations Leaders Forum

Blog post   •   Jul 27, 2016 14:30 BST

The event’s agenda was jam-packed with speaking sessions, each exploring different topics within CX. Not only did attendees gain insight into how they can meet current customer demands, but also how to deliver strategies that keep customers engaged throughout their journey, regardless of how their requirements may evolve.

Yet, while a good CX strategy can seem simple in theory, actually translating it into business value is something many struggle with. During our presentation, which was delivered by Michael Lightfoot, partner & alliances manager at GMC, we discussed the common challenges and how companies can tackle them head-on.

For example, as digital innovation continues to disrupt how customers act and communicate, companies are finding themselves restricted by legacy infrastructure. By adopting an agile platform such as GMC’s Inspire, businesses are able to effortlessly manage customer interactions across all channels, greatly improving CX which results in increased retention and sales.

It was great to play a part in the summit and speak with the attendees about their CX challenges and strategies. Engage Customer has a number of events throughout the year so, if you missed out this time, be sure to catch us at a future summit!

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