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Try the CRM system free for 30 days

Blog post   •   Jul 30, 2012 09:18 BST

Finding a CRM system that fits is vital. But many businesses end up sticking with their first choice of CRM, whatever its limitations.

With, it is possible to give CRM a test drive. We give businesses a 30 day trial so they can try out our CRM software for themselves. There’s no obligation attached and no need to give out your bank or other details. Just the opportunity to explore CRM software in a totally hands-on way. 

So what are some of the surprising things a company might discover during their free month’s use of

  • One platform for complete control
    A common business complaint about CRM is that it doesn’t match a company’s goals. Companies often find that CRM works against them, instead of fitting in with their strategy. But with, it is possible to do things differently.
  • Boosted revenue performance
    CRM frequently becomes separated from every company’s biggest goal - to grow revenue. Try the demo to find out why CRM is designed differently. It is provided by a company which specialises in working with small and medium sized companies, after all.
  • 100% real time business visibility
    Here’s a sad fact about business CRM; all too often it confuses, rather than supports, the way teams work together. Discover what happens when you get 100% real time business visibility across sales, marketing, finance and admin.

See the difference for yourself. Request your free trial now!

Guest Post:  John Cheney is the CEO of, which develops Cloud CRM systems specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses. You can read more of his content on CRM technology by subscribing to the CRM Software blog. You can also find him on Google+and Twitter.