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Unique and easy décor ideas for baby shower decorations

Blog post   •   Jul 26, 2019 10:57 BST

The expecting mother deserves utmost pampering, love, and warmth, isn’t it? Thus, it is necessary to go all out on this special day of hers! Baby showers are the most emotional connections that happen in every household. If you are the father, it is important for you to understand the necessity of this event. You can thus plan accordingly with lovely ideas up your sleeves.

There is a wide range of baby shower decorations available in the market for arranging baby showers. But it is always good to rely upon trusted stores as you get to have a discount too! To welcome the most beautiful member of a family, here are some party ideas as well as unique and easy décor plans.

Decide the theme

Well, you still don’t have any idea whether your baby is a boy or a cute little girl. But you can still plan to guess the gender by arranging blue or pink accessories. Decide upon the theme of your party as an in-flowery theme, Disney theme or it can be any theme from the most loved book your wife reads!

Plan for accessories well before time so that everything is ready before the party and you can actually decorate it as per your designs. Take help from any member of your family who is actually better at decorating.

Best baby shower decorations for D-day

Here are some ideas of best baby shower decorations that will bring instant warmth and charm to the party.

Colorful tableware- If you want to actually reveal the gender of baby, plan to have pink or blue umbrellaphants that are cute to attract attentions of invitees.

Baby shower bags- Well, this item is necessary for your party since invitees will be given lovely thanksgiving gifts. Wrap them in Disney wrappers and pack them in lovely colorful baby shower bags.

Baby shower cake- The mom-to-be is your center of attraction on this day. Plan to have a cake of her choice. You must know what flavor she gorges upon! Decorate this cake with lovely toppings, cute little toys as well as accessories to give it a baby cake look!

Lovely inflatables- If you are planning to have a fountain for décor, place inflatables such as- ducks, kangaroos, small flowers, etc, in water. This will surely make your wife smile.

Baby shower wearables- Make your wife feel like a princess by gifting her adorable baby shower wearables. This can be tassel garlands, crowns, and buntings that she can wear.

Baby shower balloons- Lovely baby shower balloons adorned with showering umbrellas, baby diaper wreaths, buntings, creps and streamers will just flare up the environment. Plan to have floral balloons or balloons that have water filled in them to add more fun!

Baby drinking bottles- This is a lovely addition and will fill the air with laughter as you bring unique baby drinking bottles for your invitees to drink water. Fill them with colorful drinks!

Advice for Mum- This will be a separate section in the party where guest will write advice and special words for mom-to-be on cute paper pieces and stick on. This section will be decorated with baby clothes bunting, baby shower balloons or baby sock rose flower bouquets to add a glow to your adorable party!