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Uses of Plastic Sheeting

Blog post   •   Aug 30, 2017 09:33 BST

Plastic sheeting has emerged as one of the reliable means which can be used for protection of variety of structures. One would have come across greenhouses that are covered with greenhouses plastic films to keep them prevented from weather changes. Apart from this, they are also used in farm buildings wherein mushroom or other farm products are grown. These are multi-purpose sheets and are used for variety of things like as groundsheets, tank lining and also for the protection of food containers.

Plastic Sheets and Types

There is variety of sheets available in the market, each of which can be used for different purposes.

1. Linear Low Density Polyethylene: This form of sheet is much soft and comfortable and has greater strength in comparison to other sheets available in the market. The thickness of the product lies between 0.5 Mil and 40 Mil

2. Medium Density Polyethylene: It is not used much but is strong and quite resistant to chemicals. These sheets are flexible owing to which they are perfect for use for different purposes

3. High Density Polyethylene: It is the strongest out of all the sheets. Owing to its strength it is perfect to be used for getting protection from UV rays.

Properties Of Plastic Sheets

As discussed above plastic sheets are some of the commonly used products which are either used as garden plastic sheeting or as other forms of sheet. The reason of gaining use and popularity of sheets is because of its outstanding properties as listed below;

1.Water resistant: Due to its resistance to water, it is perfect to be used in the construction industry. At the construction sites, it is installed on new places or wooden parts such that it can be prevented from any form of moisture. Also while remodeling project is going on, sheets are used for prevention of existing areas. At some places, it is even used for making tents such that things and humans can be prevented and moisture is not allowed to penetrate into places.

2.Chemical resistant: One of the best things about plastic sheets is it remains unaffected with the chemicals used on various sites. Hence places where use of chemicals or salts is made, these sheets are the best options to choose.

3.Ageing and weathering: The sheets are the most reliable and durable; hence users can expect it to last for a long period of time without getting worn. However with time, it tends to lose flexibility and strength especially when exposed to sun. In such a situation it is advisable to use black sheets that remains resistant to sun and can be used for outdoor purposes without any issue.


Facts mentioned above, very well clarifies that plastic sheeting is one of the most appropriate products to choose especially when companies and individuals are looking forward to prevent their buildings or other form of components. However for users to ensure that their purpose is completely fulfilled, they must choose the best manufacturer and retailer in the market that can make the best quality product available for them in least possible time.