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Vespa Scooters for Sale - Selling More then Ever?

Blog post   •   Sep 02, 2010 20:22 BST

Vespa scooters have always been firmly ingrained in the Italian way of life but that is also the case in the UK to a somehwat smaller extent, in the mod sub cultures and of course in central London where they are more commonly used for commuting by the hip and trendy but also by the more affluent pizza delivery boys! In light of the economy, Vespas have never been as popular, of course they are less expensive to run than the average car (road tax just £15 pa for a 125cc) and around 90 mpg. It's not just the economy, it's the look, it's the fact that the Vespa brand is so desirable, it's the feeling and buzz you get...a Vespa is a definate head turner, perhaps it’s the Italian link, but Vespa scooters have featured in a number of TV ads lately all conveying a lifestyle that many of us live or at least aspire to. Vintage or modern, the Vespa scooter is adorned by many. The Vespa PX is no longer built since last year due its contribution to the worlds CFC's. A number of years ago when the first of the new breed of 4 stroke Vespas came on the scene, a huge proportion of the traditional Vespa owners wouldn't consider a 4 stroke Vespa GTS to be a Vespa and widely announced they would never own a 4 stroke!  a number of years on....and the number of PX / PK owners upgrading to the GTS 250 i.e. and GTS 300 Super is seems everyone has them on order and what is attracting them the most? It’s the speed and reliability.

So whilst there are still those who are classic Vespa through and through, the modern Vespa has eventually been accepted. It was only two years ago, that out of interest I started and quite accidentally is now extremely popular with in excess of 11k visitors each month. Currently it purely caters for buyers and sellers of Vespas but the site is currently being totally re-designed to be much more comprehensive and due to be launched within the month. The new site will hold a wealth of information for the Vespa owner / restorer and everything they will need to buy, sell and find information. Take a quick look now at the used Vespas scooters for sale and keep an eye out for the re-launch of the new site very shortly.