Victoria Beckham the bag lady!

Blog post   •   Oct 10, 2010 23:14 BST

Victoria Beckham is: Singer, Mother, one half of the Beckham’s power house, fashion and perfume designer, model, writer, actress the list is endless! Even LISTING all of this is exhausting, AND I’m quiet sure I have forgotten something! Imagine being Victoria Beckham! Being only one of those things would be truly terrifyingly exhausting! However I am not Mizz Beckham (Thank your lucky stars I’m not!). Yet this torrential lady has decided to add another string to her bow by becoming a handbag designer. Which I guess is a natural step being already a successful fashion designer. I being a fan of posh herself (Nope not afraid to admit it!) find this quiet an exciting venture and a natural evolution for her.

As we all know Victoria Beckham has collected a substantial range of handbags over the years for herself so maybe that’s another reason why she has decided to create her own range. Maybe David finally put his foot down and said ‘enough with the handbags where is my dinner woman’! Problem solved create your own range and have a lifetime supply! Thus David’s dinner will never be late for him again and Victoria is happy Phew!!

Hence VB has collaborated with Kate Hillier(Named one of the 50 women to watch by the guardian) an accessories designer who has worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Henry Holland of Italy and the young fashion designer Luella Bartley to name a few. The star of her range is the signature Victoria bag. A very structured bag with dual handles. It is available in two sizes and in colours crocodile and buffalo. All in all Victoria’s new range resembles the to die for Birkin collection, however at a little less going from 1200 pounds. She unveiled her collection at the Ny SS/11 show where the models not only came out in fabulous dresses but also sported VB’s new collection. Clever girl! However even with a jam packed schedule Miss Beckham did not forget her hubby as she has designed a bag with David in mind as she added ‘I had to put a bag in the collection David could use’.

Is there anything this woman can’t do? If so PLEASE let me know, starting to feel a bit jealous here!


anne x