Viva Mercedes-Benz Vito Vans

Blog post   •   Feb 28, 2011 08:56 GMT

Modern looking from the day it was launched – the original Mercedes-Benz Vito van still looks fresh even today – the smallest commercial vehicle that Mercedes-Benz produces remains at the top of a van buyer’s shopping list today.

Standing alongside the desirable Volkswagen Transporter, these two vans stand head and shoulders above the pack a the top of every medium sized panel van user’s wish list. In fact, if the upfront price was taken out of the equation, it is unlikely that many other vans would even get a look-in.

Rock solid residual values of the Mercedes Vito mean that the lifetime cost is not as high as you might think.

Step inside the Vito van and anyone familiar with Mercedes-Benz’s passenger car interiors would immediately feel at home. The Germans have not dumbed down the interior of their commercial vehicles, many of the controls and computer displays are shared with the manufacturer’s premium car range.

This immediately gives the driver a sense of well-being, as if he can’t afford a Mercedes E-class, at least he can enjoy a similar feeling in the Mercedes-Benz Vito, (or if he needs more room the equally well-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.)

On the safety side, Mercedes have spent fortunes making their vans as safe as they can – after all, fully laden they weigh more than a passenger car and spend more tim on the road, so why shouldn’t they have the latest electronics to control the braking and traction?

In terms of performance, Mercedes have given the Vito a full range of engine options – up to a three litre engine which has been specifically designed for use in its commercial vehicles. In a van of this size, it propels it along very nicely with plenty of power in reserve.

If you need a real van to go to work in then you have to take the Mercedes Vito van out for a spin!