We Were Raised By Wolves Blog - Beauty From The Inside With NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3

Blog post   •   May 12, 2014 12:03 BST

Evelyn said, "I've read numerous articles about how important it is to get your RDA of Omega-3 as these fatty acids provide an essential boost to the immune system, help to maintain a healthy heart and brain functions, and can help to keep your blood cholesterol levels normal (along with a sensible diet and plenty of exercise of course).  I've never been particularly keen on eating fish though, so I prefer to take a supplement instead, but so many taste fishy which just puts me off!

Thankfully, NaturVits Omega-3 with Vitamin D3* (£14.99 for 30) don't taste fishy at all.  Instead, they have somehow managed to make a fish oil supplement into a chewable gelatine format that's flavoured with lemon and orange.  Genius!  They are new to the UK and are currently available from Holland and Barrett, with a range dedicated to children as well."  


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