Thule Group

Wednesday 03:28 am and the end of ARWC

Blog post   •   Oct 06, 2010 02:28 BST

Positions at T16
1. Buff 2.  Silva 3. Blackwater  4. Outdry 5. Daredevils  6. Thule 7. Columbia.

It differs only a minute between Thule and Columbia into T16. Both teams have decided to sleep at least 1 h 15 min in the indoor sports building at the T16 before continuing the race. Then both teams' ladies who are totally exhausted.

After “the rest” there is a trekking stage (27km),  a bike ride, (59 km), and then other trekking stage,(23km) and an inline stage (11 km) lies ahead, before the final 72km bike stage, and the penultimate kayak, 78 km to the final city orienteering 'sprint' and the finish line at Salamanca.

The final kayak stage has a dark zone part way through the stage on a 65km river section. All teams will be stopped by this dark zone as they are expected to start the paddle at 7pm (the dark zone is 8:30pm till 7:30am). So the teams should all get a good nights rest before the downriver paddle to Salamanca, with the first team expected to finish around 4pm local time.

Eva Nyström
Thule Adventure Team