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What Are Different Types of Mooring and Their Uses?

Blog post   •   May 31, 2016 10:23 BST

Narrow is something which has a short end, but can be long in height. While we talk about boat, it is a craft which is being used for transportation of goods or people from one place to another. While boats are used for transportation, mooring is a process with which the vessel is connected to the sea short. The equipment for using to keep it connected is also known as moor or anchor. So, if we combine all these three a single word is formed which is called as narrowboat mooring.

People belonging to different countries and regions, prefer to live in a boat for several weeks, years or months and such practice is mostly carried out in United Kingdom. More often, narrow boat are used for such purposes, such that users need not have to face trouble while riding them or taking them to the narrowest of areas.

What are narrow boats?

Narrow bots are form of boats which are being used by people since 18th, 19th and 20th century majorly for transportation purposes. Further, when technical innovations took place the concept of mooring came in. These boats were attached to the sea shore with the help of boors and assisted people to live inside it.

With evolution of time, people also got into the practice of renting their boat to travelers or people who are in need of it. These boats were then used for various purposes and thus promoted better living and transportation methods.

Understand marina mooring

As the name suggests, marina is a place wherein a mooring point is provided for all the boats to keep them tied. It is considered to be one of the best places for boats, because of the additional security and services available for boat. It has parking space, facilities for parking ship both in and out of the water, storage space, clubhouse and various other facilities which might be of interest to the people using or parking boat at such places. One of the best things is, marina mooring fees is quite nominal and can be afforded by people across the world.

Online mooring

It is another way of mooring the boat to the bank of our river or canal. It is owned usually by the local authority that does take care of the place. Various other facilities along with mooring are being provided for the convenience of people riding the boat.

Continuous cruising

It is a flexible mooring, which allows the boat rider to move its boat from one place to another. Canal and river accepts that the law is very ambiguous, and makes sure that place of mooring does not exceeds 14 days unless something happens which is beyond the control of the boat owner.

It is important to keep into note, that tariff of narrowboat mooring is quite high and cannot be afforded by every person based around the world. Thus it is important that the decision for boat mooring is taken after keeping into consideration such factors.