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What are the prospects for global growth for the UK Creative Industry

Blog post   •   Jun 04, 2013 15:37 BST

Most Welsh HE & FE Institutions already offer a comprehensive range of creative media courses and produce high-standard graduates. Unlike traditional manufacturing, which is large in scale and easily noticeable, graduates from the Creative Industries either become freelancers or set up small agencies in offices or at home.  These new entrepreneurs and SME’s rarely hit the limelight, as the media tends to favour stories of large-scale employment or unemployment.

It is vital that we quickly understand the potential held by the Creative Industries for growth within the Welsh economy.  Consequently, we have a duty to act quickly to reverse the flow of graduates leaving Wales for London and foreign agencies.  Establishing a reputation for creativity in Wales may take time and money but these are investments which will pay dividends. Moreover, it would be substantially less than investment in large-scale manufacturing projects seen over recent years which have in many cases returned a negative balance.

So how can we be sure that Wales can compete on the World Stage?  The Creative Industries don’t rely on the comparative production costs of components produced in different countries.  Instead the value is generated by the creativity of the people involved. The industry is flexible & adaptable and global business in this marketplace is entirely feasible thanks to email, cloud technology and electronic payment systems. 

No single country on Earth has truly established itself as the “home” of creativity, yet Wales already possesses the ‘raw materials’ to achieve this and with the right support can also play a significant part in shaping an evolving and growing creative digital future through to 2030 and beyond.

One such company that is well set to increase it's exposure into these markets is the creative arm of Dischromatics who has been in business since 1989 and is one of the UK's leading CD Duplication and DVD Duplication company. Moving with the times their new creative brand of Dischro Creative who offers video production services, graphic design and new apps and offer their products and services under the Digital Marketing category has been consulted on many occasions on these matters and feels very positive of the outcome for anyone that stays the course.