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What's Ticking Today saves the day...

Blog post   •   Aug 19, 2015 15:08 BST

02 Aug 2015

Anniversaries? Who needs ‘em?

They creep up on you, stalk you for a few weeks and then jump out at you without so much as a moment’s notice… well, that’s my story. OK, so I knew it was coming up – my tenth wedding anniversary in case you were wondering – but what with work and a million other things, the day was almost upon me when, before I turned in for bed, I saw a card on the mantelpiece. Then everything made sense and at five to midnight, I had neither a card, gift, flowers or table booked in some fancy restaurant.

I’d heard of the new website called What’s Ticking Today through a pal at work who had used it a couple of times and got a couple of really good deals, and I also recalled he said everything stopped at 11:59pm and a new set of 24-hour offers began at midnight.

I opened my laptop at midnight and quickly logged on to What’s Ticking Today and checked what was on offer for that day.

There was plenty of stuff connected to a David Bowie concert and other themed deals surrounding events happening in Oxford, but there were plenty of other offers, too. One immediately caught my eye.

There was a 30% off two tickets for a production of Romeo and Juliet – my wife’s absolute favourite – which I bought without blinking an eye. It didn’t end there, though. There was a one-night only Shakespearian meal for two before the play at The Crypt in the city centre (35% off, no less) and a one-night stay in a posh local hotel which included a four-poster bed! And that was saving me an additional £50.

I was spending it like Beckham, but by the time I totalled the whole evening up, I’d spent about £200 and saved about £175. Not bad for ten minutes work. I rounded off what would be an unforgettable day by booking a sonnet (don’t laugh) – to be written and then read out by a local poet who had also connected to the theme - to my wife at work, just before she finished. I only had to give him one or two details about my beloved.

And that was that. Job done. This would be an unforgettable tenth wedding anniversary, thanks to What’s Ticking Today and it had all taken about 15 minutes all in and saved me a packet.

All I have to do is play dumb in the morning, make light of my poor memory and then wait for the magic to begin.

Safe to say, I’ll be coming back on her birthday and checking in regularly from now on…