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Why Are Chrome Plumbing Fixtures So Popular?

Blog post   •   Jan 18, 2017 13:11 GMT

What is Chrome?

Every chrome fixture available on the marketplace is chrome plated. A thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto another material, often metal or plastic.

It is highly sought after, not just for its decorative qualities, but because it’s also very resistant to corrosion, is easy to clean and has a hard surface.

High Quality Fixtures

The quality of chrome plumbing fixtures depends upon the quality of the core metal (aluminium, brass or steel are often used), the quality of the chrome plating, and the design.

The higher the quality of all three, the more expensive the fixture. A good quality chrome plating may be coated in copper or nickel before the top layer of chrome is added.

The size of the fixtures and the quality of the design also plays a big part in the cost. An off the shelf design that is mass produced will be much cheaper than high end brands with limited availability.

The Best of Modern Design

Chrome offers a clean and bright design finish. Chrome is known for its ‘shine’, but it’s actually very susceptible to marks from fingerprints and water spots. Fortunately it’s also easy to clean.

But its strengths outweigh its weaknesses and chrome is one of the most popular finishes available. Its versatility means it looks good in a variety of bathroom or kitchen styles and consequently it can be found in many homes and businesses.

Why Choose Chrome?

Whatever your choice of bathroom or kitchen design, chrome fixtures are a great choice. They are long lasting and hard wearing, and their popularity means there is a wide choice of designs.

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