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Why are commercial solar panels a good investment for businesses today?

Blog post   •   Jan 16, 2017 12:09 GMT

Here are  the reasons why commercial solar panels are a good investment for your corporation:

1 – Solar panels lower the carbon footprint of your commercial premises

This is not only important for the planet but is also often highly valued by your customer base. If your business can prove to your customer base that you take climate change seriously by improving the carbon footprint of your commercial premises with solar panels, then you may reach a larger customer base. For large businesses with a large power requirement it is also really important to lower their carbon footprint, because these commercial properties often contribute most to nationwide carbon emissions.

2 – The Feed-In Tariff enables your business to earn money from having solar panels

This scheme has been introduced by the government in order to encourage commercial property owners to invest in solar panels and increase the use of renewable energy throughout the country. This scheme provides funding to all commercial properties that have solar panels and pays for each unit of electricity that is produced but not required by the property. When solar panels are installed on a large scale, as is common for commercial properties, the money that can be earned is substantial.

3 – Eventually solar panels can reduce the energy bills of your business to zero

Although a large initial investment is needed to install solar panels on a commercial property, as soon as the solar panels are in use there are no additional costs involved. Consequently, after enough solar energy has been generated to equal the costs paid to install them – your commercial property will no longer need to pay for power.

4 – Solar panels require little maintenance and are often guaranteed for more than 20 years

Once solar panels have been installed, they rarely require maintenance meaning that there a no hidden costs to installing commercial solar panels. It is possible that faults may occur however solar panels are engineered to have few little moving parts and to be resistant to adverse weather conditions meaning that the majority of companies that manufacture commercial solar panel systems provide very long warranties.

5 – Avoids your business becoming subject to rising energy costs

As fossil fuels become more scarce, their prices are increasing which are inevitably passed on to the customer. Businesses that purchase energy from the grid are thus subject to escalating prices. However, installing commercial solar panels allows a business to escape this escalation and fix their prices at one level permanently. 

Thanks to My Power for providing us with this insight.