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Why Bespoke Cufflinks Are a Good Merchandising Choice for Companies

Blog post   •   Aug 14, 2012 11:38 BST

Cufflinks are seen by many as an unusual choice for merchandising, which is exactly why they attract shoppers’ attention.

When companies look to produce branded merchandise for customers and clients, they can all too easily fall into the trap of ordering promotional pens, mugs, cotton bags, keyfobs and – latterly – USB sticks.

They are at the cheap and cheerful end of merchandising. It’s the stuff that people will buy because the cost is low or have in a goody bag and then forget about it.

So when firms think laterally about merchandising, they often hit a spot with consumers who are ready to buy or from individuals who are presented with the goods as a corporate gift.

As competition for customer loyalty hots up, so does the innovative marketing to encourage people not to stray from their favoured brand.

Premium whisky maker Glenmorangie is one company that has put its head above the parapet and has commissioned handcrafted cufflinks featuring its famous scrolled signet as part of its corporate merchandise range.

Luxury brands know the value of ensuring their loyal customers can buy a variety ofhigh quality goods.

Lamborghini, the Italian sports car maker, understands that if you want to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for a car then the merchandise supporting the brand also needs to be top-notch.

A leather organiser might be a drop in the ocean for its clients at £205, but it is the quality that counts. The company’s online boutique also sells gold coloured crested cufflinks for £105, jackets for £209, and card holders for £110.

Bentley, another famous car maker, protects its image with superior merchandise. A glossy black valet box with Bentley branding will set enthusiasts back £1,500, but when customers spend £200,000 on a car, they are hardly likely to want a cheap, plastic pen.

Football fans tend to stick to the same merchandise of their favourite club: the replica shirt, sweatshirt and hat. But while St Pauli FC in Hamburg, Germany, sells the run-of-the-mill items that one would expect, it also sells a smart woollen suit in its club colour of chocolate brown. It also features lining that incorporates the club logo – yours for €579.

You can also get your hands on a replica England FC suit. Official tailor to England FC since 2007, Marks & Spencer, has produced suits for the England football team and sold them in store. For Euro 2012, suits cost £199.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be exclusive, however. Officially licensed byLucasArts, which was founded by filmmaker George Lucas, a pair of R2D2 cufflinks that double up as a USB drive is on the market for $200. They can also be personalised.

At Esquire Originals, we understand how important it is to impress your clients and customers. Our creative team can produce a range of high quality corporate merchandise, such as bespoke cufflinks and customised tie pins. Ideal for business markets, the cufflinks can be engraved and personalised.


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Guest Post: Darren Walker is the sales manager of Esquire Originals, a design studio specialising in finely crafting hand-made, bespoke cufflinks for organisations and individuals. You can read more of Darren's articles on how cufflinks can promote organisational pride and commemorates special occasions by reading Kraft Cufflinks blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.