Why does no one care about care?

Blog post   •   Mar 21, 2012 14:07 GMT

The sad fact about the care sector is that you only really hear about it when something bad has happened. We never see reports on the good side of care – the endless examples of selfless, dedicated individuals who work long hours for a modest wage, all to provide those less fortunate or less able with a better quality of life.

With such little credit for doing such a hard job, it’s no wonder that the sector feels a bit downtrodden. Compared to their counterparts in the health sector, care workers are never photographed standing tall and proud in the spot light, but instead are shot hunched over and out of focus. Everyone in these photos is looking down, and in a bid to look caring, they appear subservient – a small semiotic point maybe, but one that illustrates our belief that those who work care don’t get the respect they deserve.

Goosebumps has recently started working with the National Skills Academy for Social Care – an organisation that aims to improve the leadership skills of all employees in the sector. While our focus is on bringing some clarity to their brand and product propositions, we feel strongly that part of our job is also to help puff out the chests of everyone who works in care. It’s the toughest job out there, whatever the City boys may say!