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Why is everyone talking about SIP trunking?

Blog post   •   Nov 18, 2013 14:17 GMT

SIP trunks create a direct connection between your office and your Internet telephony service provider.This means that you can extend VoIP telephony beyond your office firewall without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. Sound like jargon? So does most of the information about SIP trunking on the web.  Most businesses have heard about the benefits of SIP trunks, but getting your head around what they actually do is, well, a little painful.  The bottom line of SIP trunking is that it is a simpler configuration for your voice and data, being easier and cheaper to set up, operate, maintain and expand. And the real bottom line is that this means substantial savings for your business.  Not twelve months down the line - not five years from now - but straight away.  

The level of savings depend on your operational structure.  Businesses with international clients will see huge cost reductions - as will businesses with more than one office.  Any business considering upgrading their phone system can also make a massive saving looking at SIP, because they can benefit from enterprise class telephony features and still make use of their legacy equipment.  

The business benefits of using SIP are endless.  Perhaps a lesser known one is that you can use local numbers regardless of your location.  In other words, a company based in Nottingham can have a presence in Leicester, Derby, Loughborough and so on, without actually needing an office there. Not only is a local number more attractive to local prospective customers, but used alongside virtual office addresses, this enables your business to compete for local search engine rankings which is a huge advantage. 

We've mentioned multisite applications but businesses using homeworkers and mobile workers will also see huge benefits.  Not only do your remote workers get all the benefits of your telephony solution from wherever they are, but you'll also get free calls between SIP connected sites.  You'll also find that with a SIP solution you can connect new users and new locations cheaply and easily in the future, as your business grows. 

Finally worth a mention are the host of call management features that become available to SIP users. These include anything from smart applications that route your calls to the right person throughout your network, creating efficiencies; to applications such as 'follow me' that allows you to stay connected wherever you go, and voice-to-email which allows you to receive your voice messages through your email service.  This allows you to listen to your messages through your pc whenever you're ready, and wherever you're located.

SIP trunking may seem complex and difficult to understand, but it's actually about simplifying everything.  It's an affordable solution for any size of business and it's worth finding out how it could work for you.  Nottingham SIP-experts NT Voice and Data note: "The simplicity of a converged network means less interfaces, reduced hardware costs, increased reliability and improved efficiency. It’s no wonder SIP trunking is such a hot topic right now".