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Why What's Ticking Today Ticks All The Right Boxes

Blog post   •   Aug 19, 2015 15:02 BST

01 Aug 2015

Let’s take a recent email from Voucher Codes as an example. No offence to the company who offer some interesting deals such as 30% off Europcar, 40% off Dorothy Perkins’ summer fashion or 30% off hotel rooms from Hilton – in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Those are just a few of the deals they presented in an email dated 2 July.

The problem is, do they connect to the average man in the street? You could well argue that they do, especially if you’re looking for a last-minute break, need a car and want the clothes to match. The thing is, most people aren’t looking for that sort of offer on a daily basis. Most people are going about their normal daily lives and therefore exotic trips overseas, a spending spree on togs and a car are unlikely to mean that much when you’re on the way to work on a damp Wednesday in Witney.

In fact, the more you get bombarded with deals of cheap flights to Abu Dhabi, discount scuba diving lessons or swimming with sharks in South Africa (note, these were not advertised on Voucher Codes to our knowledge), the more likely you are to simply switch off and ignore the email.

Likewise, it's extremely frustrating when you sign up to receive 'local' offers from the likes of Groupon who then send you offers from merchants all over the UK! Again, you are very likely to switch-off and trash or ignore their email.

Well, why wouldn’t you? What people want is something they can relate to, right? Something that fits in with their everyday life and perhaps offers that keep it real. This is where What’s Ticking Today will fit in snugly.

So if you’re on the train and are looking for something to do that evening on your phone – maybe a meal, a drink out or a local show, gig or event – you want realistic options to consider. A 2-4-1 dinner at a great Oxford restaurant followed by 50% off a comedy gig in Oxford is very doable and appealing – if you like that sort of thing – and with a very easy to use website, it can all be confirmed in a couple of clicks, leaving you with the simple and pleasant task of calling your partner.

OK, this is random. But the whole point is, local deals on the day you want them within minutes of where you live. Nobody else provides this service and that’s why What’s Ticking Today will appeal to the people of Oxfordshire. All you have to do is check in regularly and make sure you’re not missing out…

And there's plenty of research out there to show that offers that are for use that day within a local area a what today’s consumer want:

  • Both Orbitz and Travelocity have reported that over 80% of hotel bookings made on smartphones were for the same day
  • Google and Nielsen’s Mobile Path-to-Purchase report from 2014 showed that people spend over 15 hours per week researching purchase decisions – including restaurant bookings on their mobiles. The report also found that people want immediacy: more than half of respondents went on to book somewhere within an hour of finding it on their mobile. Mobile research is extremely important – 94 percent of people went on to make a purchase or booking after first researching on their mobiles.
  • Customer preference is the most cited targeting dimension that companies are using in mobile marketing, with location as the second most cited. (Forrester, MMA, and Velti, Present and Future of Mobile Marketing)So, we're confidently ticking away and looking forward to meeting the needs of today's consumer.