Why you should move to the cloud – 5 good reasons

Blog post   •   Mar 09, 2012 08:34 GMT

This week Inspiration Day Cloud 2012 is being held in Stockholm. The purpose is to inspire decision-makers to take the step into the cloud. The question is for whom the cloud is suited, when is the right time to take the step and, of course, what do we gain by going to the cloud?

We at ComAround have, for example, ever since 1999, worked with deliveries of software via the Internet (Software as a Service or SaaS) so the cloud as a concept is not a wholly new phenomenon. What is new, however, is that one now moves the whole operation and the entire IT environment to the Internet or to the cloud. Preconditions that enable this step include a considerably improved infrastructure with faster connection times, new more intelligent software and enhanced security.

Why move to the cloud? – Why not?

The simple answer why you should move to the cloud is quite simple: because you can. Or try to answer “why not?” Previously it has been possible to answer the question with the arguments mentioned above i.e. – we don’t have sufficiently good connection speed, the operation is too unstable and it is too unreliable. But today these arguments don’t stand up. In many respects an own operating environment is considerably more unreliable from the viewpoint of operating reliability, at least for small and medium-sized companies. The trend is also that it is just these small and medium-sized companies that have moved to the cloud most rapidly. Larger companies, on the other hand, have made substantial investments in their own operations which it has not been possible to replace as quickly. Frequently, moreover one is stuck with long service agreements with sub-contractors that over many years have done everything they can to become irreplaceable.

An educated guess is that we  shall see a rapid consolidation of the number of data centres and some experts believe that in just a few years we shall have ten or so large data centres in the world that will handle all operations. The reason is quite simply that there are such enormous  economies of scale in...

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