Windows 8 – “The riskiest product ever”

Blog post   •   Dec 21, 2011 10:22 GMT

The above statement is quoted from Steve Ballmer himself and this could of course be true, Windows 8 is a pretty risky product. Windows 8 is the biggest step that Microsoft has taken in more than 20 years. What I am referring to is of course the step that they did in early 90s by pushing out DOS in favor for the more graphical interface OS, Windows.

The Windows Store

Microsoft has finally learned its lesson in how to make their product more appealing. In the Upcoming Windows 8, the key component will be the Windows store.  The windows store will launch in late February together with the first beta release of Windows 8.  Price range for Windows store apps will range from $1.49 to $999.99.

How will Microsoft get into the app market?

The Android platform has around 247 million users while iOS has around 152 million users. Even if we sum up all these users together they will not reach Microsoft’s whopping 500 million user base.

This is good news for us developers since Microsoft has really simplified the way apps will work in Windows 8. We will be able to build apps in HTML5 and Javascript, or if you’re not into that fancy web typish development, you can go hardcore C++ or choose between the Microsoft languages C# or Visual Basic.

Microsoft is also establishing a very attractive business model to lure in...

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