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Your basic rubbish removal guide

Blog post   •   Feb 26, 2016 09:27 GMT

  • You can hire people to do it for you. Believe it or not there are actually commercial and domestic clearance companies out there that will do all the hard work for you. This can be a great way to get things done and is definitely the easiest. It may not be the cheapest however and although you get what you pay for, a stress free clear out and rubbish conveniently disposed of it is simply not an option for some people.
  • Do it yourself. Clearing your own junk and rubbish is the easy part. The hard part is what to do with it after. You have a few options, the fastest way would be to take the rubbish straight to the dump. You can look online to find out where your nearest dump is and what its specific requirements might be. You will need your own vehicle for this or else you could hire one or ask a friend to drive you. The cheapest option would be to contact the local council who will collect a certain amount of stuff from your home for free. You often have to request this in advance and have the rubbish out ready to collect at a certain time and a certain date so it’s not always the fastest way of getting rid of things. The final way of doing it yourself is to hire a skip. This takes out the hard work of getting rid of the actual rubbish as many skip companies will just remove the whole skip rubbish and all, after you have filled it. It’s a great way if you have a lot of stuff or large items such as furniture removals to get done. Be warned however that you may need to get a skip permit in order to have the skip outside your home.
  • When it comes to the garden you may want to check with you local council how to go about this. If you live in a home or flat that has a garden you are able to maintain then you may already have a bin provided just for this specific waste. If not it may be worth creating a compost heap, looking into a wormery or a waste disposal unit for a long term solution to garden waste. If you hire a gardening company then you could ask them if disposing of the waste is a service they also provide, often professionals will add this into your service, the same with any building work that is being done. Any company that you hire that may make a mess in your home or garden is worth asking if they provide a clean-up service after. If not, you may want to shop around for another company to make sure you are getting the best.

When it comes to disposing of junk and rubbish then it’s always a good idea to check on your local laws. Rules can vary and punishments for fly tipping can be high. If you are unsure about anything then it’s always a good idea to seek professional help.