Mission Accessible: Blue Badge Style Features In The Good Food Guide

Press Releases   •   Dec 06, 2013 12:29 GMT

Blue Badge Style founder, Fiona Jarvis, has been interviewed by the UK's leading restaurant guide, The Good Food Guide. In the interview, published to coincide with International Day of People with Disability, Fiona talked about the bugbears of less able diners, the ways to improve accessibility in restaurants and the aims of Blue Badge Style.

Blue Badge Style Chosen For A Share Of £275,000 Investment At The Pitch 2013

Press Releases   •   Sep 30, 2013 16:25 BST

Blue Badge Style founder, Fiona Jarvis, was one of many entrepreneurs who gathered in Bristol last Wednesday for the Pitch Live, a competition to find the country's best small businesses. Of the 46 small businesses to reach the final stage, seven were selected by investors as businesses they would be interested in supporting with a share of £275,000. Blue Badge Style was among these businesses.

Blue Badge Style features in The Time Out Reader's Takeover

Press Releases   •   Sep 24, 2013 15:14 BST

Blue Badge Style founder, Fiona Jarvis, was pleased to have been part of the Great Time Out Takeover today. This week's special issue of London's popular lifestyle magazine was all written by local readers including Fiona's piece on the perfect accessible weekend.

Blue Badge Style Awards Recognises Venues With Great Style & Accessibility, One Tear On From 2012 Paralympics

Press Releases   •   Aug 29, 2013 09:37 BST

Part of Blue Badge Style's celebration of the Success of the Paralympics 1 Year On. They Award Hospitality venues for their great style & accessibility. Their Three Tick Venues List Is Out Today With Window Stickers and Certificates Delivered by Wheelchair and In Person By Founder Fiona Jarvis.

Blue Badge Style Shortlisted For The Pitch - Britain's Biggest Small Business Competition

Press Releases   •   Aug 09, 2013 13:14 BST

Blue Badge Style has made the shortlist for the Pitch 2013. The Pitch is the UK's biggest small business competition now in it's sixth year. It rewards up and coming small businesses for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Blue Badge Style has made it onto the shortlist of forty outstanding new businesses which will take part in the semi-finals of the competition.

Blue Badge Style Launches The Disability Action Panel To Help Remove Accessibility Obstacles

Press Releases   •   Aug 06, 2013 14:08 BST

Blue Badge Style, the first app and website guide to a stylish lifestyle for the less-physically-able, has launched the Disability Action Panel. The panel will make recommendations to retailers and transport companies about how best to serve the less able community. Uptake has already been strong but there is always space for more like-minded, opinionated and passionate voices.

Petition Launched To Insist That Inaccessible Buildings With A Hospitality Use Retro-Fit Disabled Facilities

News   •   Jul 31, 2013 11:03 BST

Blue Badge Style have launched a petition which could mean that all buildings with hospitality functions are legally obliged to retro-fit disabled facilities. Although many, such as access consultant, David Bonnett, argue that the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act has "gone a long way in dispensing with the physical barriers that we had hitherto thought to be inevitable", more needs to be done.

Blue Badge Style Talk Accessible London At Digital Shoreditch: “Why Have I Got To Go To Court To Make Them Adhere To Regulations?”

Press Releases   •   Jul 18, 2013 12:03 BST

Blue Badge Style founder, Fiona Jarvis, talk at Digital Shoreditch where she spoke about the problems faced by the less-physically-able in London is now available online. She pointed to difficulties with public transport, building access and the general perception of less able people. Overall her message was that, although accessibility has come a long way, there is still a long way further to go.

Blue Badge Style At Digital Shoreditch - The Value of the Blue £ & Accessibility in London

News   •   Jul 09, 2013 12:17 BST

The Blue £ is £80 Bn pa in the UK, $220Bn in the USA. But there are accessibility issues that prevent people with disabilities spending money. See the video and attached PDF

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Accessible London & The Value of People With Disabilities to the UK Economy

Blog posts   •   Jul 08, 2013 12:17 BST

Presentation at Digital Shoreditch on how accessible is London? Also examining the barriers to 'inclusion' & the value of people with disabilities to the economy both in spending power and the workplace.

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About Blue Badge Style

A Guide For The Discerning Less Able - Where Style & Disability Are Not mutually Exclusive

Established by Fiona Jarvis in 2007, Blue Badge Style is a Website www.bluebadgestyle.com and a Mobile App aimed at the ‘less able’ that want to maintain a sense of style. This community believe that style and disability are not mutually exclusive – you can have both. This unique social network doesn’t just include the person with the disability but also the surrounding groups of able-bodied friends and family who want to share the same freedom they enjoy, whether it’s going out to a smart restaurant or buying the latest fashion or staying in a boutique hotel.

The Blue Badge Style website will be the first place to go for the less able, their friends and family. It is a ‘one stop shop’ of stylish places to go, things to do and products to buy.

A Mobile App was developed in 2012 in conjunction with UCL Advances and Stuxbot. It gives people the Blue Badge Style information ‘on the go’; it finds cool places to go based on geo location and rates them on style, access and facilities. The BBS 3 Tick rating system is becoming the Michelin Star for the disability market.

Blue Badge Style have also developed the PAD (Pictorial Access Description) which is intended for any hospitality venue. It's a description of a venues disabled facilities &/or potential obstacles for a less able person BUT it is produced for a disabled 'customer', is social media ready & highlights 'comfort' rather than compliance through a 'cold' health & safety statement.

Together these products are a ‘Michelin Like’ Guide for the Less Able covering restaurants, bars, shops, theatres etc. everywhere that a stylish person would want to go and spend money. The accreditation of ‘As Recommended By Blue Badge Style’, based on a rating system of disabled facilities, staff attitude, ambience etc., is intended to be a sought after mark of quality. It will have value to an organisation (i.e. access to a market of worth £1.7Bn+), just like a Michelin Star. The side effect of this is that the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and The Equality Act 2010 become more widely adhered to and organisations see ‘inclusion’ as an economic necessity and a driver for growth. Blue Badge Style is becoming an inadvertent ‘agent for change’. Initially for London and now expanding to the rest of the UK and Europe.


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