Finding the perfect Christmas gift with Brewbarrel

Press Releases   •   Nov 13, 2017 11:13 GMT

There are only six weeks left until Christmas! The pre-Christmas period is mostly marked by a lot of stress instead of having a good time at the German themed christmas markets. So if you want to prevent yourself from a frantic gift search, get a Brewbarrel for your loved ones. With the beer making kit from the munich-based Customized Drinks Gmbh, one can easily make their own individual beer.


DIY Beverages – Brewbarrel and Liqueur Delight will be a tasty change at the next party

Press Releases   •   Oct 16, 2017 09:30 BST

Octobre 16, 2017 Munich, Germany: The Munich based start-up, Customized Drinks makes sure everyone has the right drink for the next party. Whether man or woman, beer lover or liqueur fancier, anyone can find the perfect matching drink with Brewbarrel or Liqueur Delight.


The ultimate Brewbarrel BBQ Beer Pairing Guide

Press Releases   •   Aug 03, 2017 10:32 BST

No one can deny that barbecue and beer is a match made in heaven, but asking which beers pair best with which foods can ignite a debate. You will undoubtedly get a myriad of answers. The fruity and refreshing Brewbarrel summer beers always go well with tasty grilled foods. The Brewbarrel BBQ Beer Pairing Guide will help you decide which of our summer beers is the perfect choice for your meal.

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Gift idea: Beer to brew yourself at home!

Press Releases   •   Nov 05, 2015 09:07 GMT

Munich: 29.10.2015. DIY - Trying things out for yourself is all the rage. And what could be better than also being able to make Man’s favourite drink at home? The Brewbarrel beer brewing kit enables everyone to brew their own beer at home precisely according to their own taste.

The innovative concept from this start-up company from Munich enables you to customize 5 liters of beer and promises to easily transform every customer into a master brewer using the Brewbarrel beer brewing kit. You can create your own individual beer from over 100,000 possibilities by selecting from a variety of different sorts of beer and numerous taste sensations in the categories fruit, spices, and wood at www.brewbarrel.co.uk.

All of the required ingredients are subsequently carefully weighed and delivered to the home of the prospective brewer. The beer can then be prepared for fermentation in 10 minutes without the need for any prior knowledge or additional equipment. Once the barrel has been prepared, the beer needs to ferment at room temperature for five days and then mature in the fridge for a further two days. The self-brewed beer can be freshly served from the barrel after just one week. Founder Wolfgang Westermeier explains: “Brewing beer is extremely easy with Brewbarrel.” 

Seasonal beers for winter and the Christmas period are currently waiting to be brewed: Wheat beer with wood chips from whiskey barrels, a German dark beer with roasted oak wood and honey, and a spiced Christmas beer that is only available for a limited period of time. In addition, there are a variety of homebrewing gift sets available such as the experimentation kit. The experimentation kit allows you to try out a variety of taste sensations in finished beer before brewing and then to subsequently brew your own dream beer. It is in many ways an experimentation kit for adults – or the child in every man!

In order to make it easier to find just the right gift, the beer gift finder provides beer recommendations for different types of men. For example, a festival beer that has been matured in an oak barrel is recommended for nature lovers and a bitter pils with fiery jalapeño peppers is ideal for the macho man, while connoisseurs can enjoy a dark beer with cherry flavor and roasted oak chips.

The company Customized Drinks GmbH from Munich is behind the innovative Brewbarrel home brewing kit. It was founded by three students from the Technical University Munich in May 2012 and has since triggered a real home-brewing trend. It is currently possible to brew over 100,000 different beers yourself with Brewbarrel. The success of this beer brewing idea speaks for itself. The start-up company has already sold more than 80,000 Brewbarrel kits since sales began in the summer of 2012. The majority of the barrels are still sold in Germany under the name “Braufässchen.” There is now also an international brand called “Brewbarrel,” which is being sold across Europe. In summer 2015, the company was also nominated for the German Entrepreneur Award 2015 as one of the three best start-ups.

Trying things out for yourself is all the rage. And what could be better than also being able to make a Man’s favourite drink at home? The Brewbarrel beer brewing kit enables everyone to brew their own beer at home precisely according to their own taste. The perfect gift for christmas!

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One of the best start-ups in Germany revolutionizes home brewing

Press Releases   •   Jul 01, 2015 08:10 BST

The start-up company Customized Drinks GmbH from Munich, manufacturers of the customizable Brewbarrel homebrew kits, was among the finalists for the German Entrepreneur Award (Deutscher Gründerpreis) yesterday evening in Berlin. The German Entrepreneur Award is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany.


Brewbarrel – the new way of home brewing

Press Releases   •   Jun 17, 2014 15:00 BST

The three Co-founders of Brewbarrel were unsatisfied with the lack of variety in beer and the overall beer experience. Therefore they decided in 2012 to create a new way of home brewing and with it they created a completely new way of enjoying and experiencing beer.


Brewbarrel – the fastest and easiest way to brew beer at home

Press Releases   •   Jun 17, 2014 15:00 BST

Launch of kickstarter campaign to fund the most revolutionary way to brew beer at home.


Brewbarrel – the first home brewed beer with quality guarantee.

Press Releases   •   Jun 17, 2014 15:00 BST

CEO Dominik Guber explains the Quality standards at Brewbarrel.


Brewbarrel – the science behind the home brewing revolution.

Press Releases   •   Jun 17, 2014 15:00 BST

Interview with Co-founder and CPO Wolfgang Westermeier to the science behind the home brewing revolution of brewbarrel.

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About Brewbarrel

Brewbarrel – the fastest and easiest way to brew beer at home

The Brewbarrel was developed by three students of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The TUM is housing one of the oldest and most famous faculties for brewery sciences. All founders of the Brewbarrel met during their studies. Even though they love German beer, they claim that they were missing variety in beer. After nearly six months of product development they created the Brewbarrel. The main innovations are a one stage brewing process. Due to this the beer can be brewed directly in the keg from which the beer will be drafted later on. This reduces all cleaning efforts and keeps the beer fresh and natural. Also they created an easy to use web interface where everyone can create customized beer within three simple steps. By this approach it is possible to create more than 100.000 Beer varieties. All necessary ingredients will be shipped already weighed up to the customer’s order. No additional equipment or preliminary knowledge is required. Therefore the beer can be made ready for fermentation within 10 minutes. After just one week the customized and home brewed beer is ready for enjoyment and can be tapped fresh from the keg. Other home brewing kits and even most breweries need up to three or four weeks for this process, without offering any possibility for customization.


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