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Tackling your security threats from the front desk

Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2018 15:41 BST

From managing the diaries of senior team members to filing confidential documents, the role of a PA involves dealing with business-critical tasks on a daily basis to keep the office running smoothly and safely. And, in an ever-changing workplace where security breaches are becoming more of a risk, procedures and regulations for these are continuously evolving.

But when was the last time your organisation reviewed its visitor management processes?

The front desk plays one of the most important security roles in the business, but many systems currently in place for monitoring who comes in and out of the building are outdated, leaving far too much room for error.

Despite the digital world we now live in, many companies are still putting their trust in pen and paper with such a vital part of their business. Manual sign-in books mean non-digitised records are often illegible and make access to sensitive information difficult to control.

But there are digital visitor management solutions available out there to help monitor guests quickly, reliably and affordably.

Office assistants, PAs and EAs are now able to take a more rigorous approach to safety with real-time visibility of exactly who is on site at any given time. Not only does this help them monitor incoming and outcoming visitors, but they can accurately assess who is where in a security emergency.

The principle features of visitor management systems may be the same, but what makes them so effective is they can be tailored to specific business needs. For example, a system could be designed to include both front-desk sign-in and photo-capture, simply delivered through an app on a mounted tablet and linked to an automated badge or label-printing solution.

This information can then filter right through to the company system, storing the information and creating a secure digital footprint of everyone who’s entered and exited the building.

The paper sign-in book has endured for such a long time as it’s believed to be the most cost-effective option, however the affordability of mobile devices and visitor management systems today means this process is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to the security benefits of visitor management, business heads should also consider how a thorough and professional sign-in process can improve first impressions. Sophisticated technology right at the front door can work wonders on visitor perception, while discreetly monitoring who is on site for peace of mind.

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