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Crackdown on VAT tax dodgers in Nottingham

Press Release • 19 Sep 12:33 BST

A taskforce tackling fraudulent VAT repayments in the Nottingham area was launched today by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Benefit fraud couple ‘too ill to cook’ were running cafe

Press Release • 12 Sep 22:19 BST

A couple who claimed they were too ill to cook their own meals were actually running a cafe – and he delivered Chinese takeaways using her mobil...


Dropping cigarette lands woman with costly fine

Press Release • 04 Sep 15:38 BST

A woman will see £435 go up in smoke after being caught dropping just one cigarette on the street.


How to Shop for Legal Services

Blog post • 17 Sep 09:00 BST

As part of our Advice for Small Business Series Jane Johnson, a solicitor with Gelbergs Solicitors LLP shares expert advice on how to shop for t...



Press Release • 12 Sep 17:30 BST

Micro-id launches its Ultimate Pet Recovery Service, using a smart phone app to locate the pet finder and send the map location to the pet owner.


Article published in The Times Online - cloud hack

News • 04 Sep 10:29 GMT

Are your photos safe in the cloud?


How the cookie crumbles across the EU...

News • 16 Sep 11:52 BST

Ok, so they already have a very clever headline! But this is an important brief summarizing the laws on the use of cookies across the EU.


SelectaDNA Achieves Highest Certification For Robust DNA Forensic Codes

Press Release • 10 Sep 14:40 GMT

The traceable liquid and DNA-based forensic marker SelectaDNA has been awarded the highest possible independent certification for the durability...


U.S. and UK Security & Intelligence Services domestic operatios against Muslim citizens

News • 29 Aug 11:29 BST

Both the US., and the UK governments' intelligence services have on numerous occasions violated their own citizen's rights in addition to violat...

Prosecuted to the “Litter” of the Law.

Press Release • 16 Sep 09:11 BST

East Staffordshire Borough Council has successfully prosecuted a Burton man for failing to comply with a Notice ordering him to clean up his land.


New UK headquarters for Infosec Partners

News • 08 Sep 13:47 BST

Infosec Partners has moved its UK headquarters to a new home. Located in the heart of Hampshire, and set against the timeless beauty of the Engl...