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The Good Funeral Awards 2013

Press Release • 30 Jul 06:58 GMT

The Good Funeral Awards 2013 recognise outstanding services to the bereaved for those whose lives are at an end. Nominations are open but CLOSE ...

Researchers guardians of trust in biobank research

Press Release • 18 Feb 12:47 GMT

Do we trust biobank researchers? In a doctoral thesis from Uppsala University, medical doctor and bioethicist Linus Johnsson claims that we do: ...


GeekGirlMeetup & The GivingLab do Hack Days – aim to find new ways of giving with API’s

Press Release • 08 Oct 15:10 BST

TheGivingLab continues it’s autumn collaborations with GeekGirlMeetup for two Hack Days at General Assembly on the 13+14th of October. Aiming to...