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Outdoor Market set to move back to Market Place

Press Release • 17 Oct 16:24 BST

East Staffordshire Borough Council has today announced plans to relocate the outdoor market in Burton Town Centre from Station Street to the Mar...

Individual metropolises now global political players

Press Release • 07 Oct 05:29 GMT

By providing the infrastructure that connects global flows and financial systems, major cities have increased their political power alongside th...


Levels of work-related stress, and violence and harassment, are still high in European workplaces

Press Release • 13 Oct 07:45 GMT

A new report out today gives a broad overview on psychosocial risks at European workplaces and provides examples on the way forward at political...


Recognition of Palestine – a step in the right direction

Press Release • 06 Oct 18:45 BST

Recognition of Palestine may be an important step to initiate the peace process. In the long term it may lead to a lasting two-state solution, i...


News Release: Tolerance is NOT a Virtue

Press Release • 12 Oct 08:46 BST

In this short book, the author sets out the truth about our over-valued ideas of 'tolerance'. At best, tolerance is a useless concept. At wors...


Elmia Subcontractor attracts global leaders

Press Release • 12 Sep 13:57 BST

The main speakers at Elmia Subcontractors’ conference Additive Manufacturing – State of the Industry are now booked. Some of the world’s most pr...

Reminders to join the voters’ roll

Press Release • 10 Oct 10:27 BST

Reminder letters are being sent to individuals who haven't yet registered under the new Individual Electoral Registration system.


U.S. and UK Security & Intelligence Services domestic operatios against Muslim citizens

News • 29 Aug 10:29 GMT

Both the US., and the UK governments' intelligence services have on numerous occasions violated their own citizen's rights in addition to violat...