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Business Continuity Institute Working Paper: Organisational resilience

News • 20 Nov 11:59 GMT

In the latest edition of the Business Continuity Institute’s Working Paper Series, Patrick Alcantara and Tim Jordan attempt to interrogate the l...

Opportunity to rebuild Swansea, pixel by pixel

Press Release • 17 Nov 09:16 GMT

Fans of the building sensation that has taken over the internet and many people’s spare time are being offered the opportunity to use their onli...


Major changes ahead for healthcare construction procurement

Press Release • 24 Oct 14:30 BST

Under reforms in the Health and Social Care Act, the NHS has undergone major structural change with the management of the NHS, including its est...


​New vision for Banstead as Vision Express unveils new store

Press Release • 20 Nov 09:39 GMT

Weybridge eye cancer survivor opens High Street store. With the help of a local eye cancer survivor, Vision Express has opened a new Banstead...

Trading standards say - beware 'Microsoft' scam

Press Release • 11 Nov 15:38 GMT

Residents are being warned about phone cold-callers alleging they are from Microsoft and claiming they can fix their computer.


Crisis has affected supply and demand in healthcare

Press Release • 19 Nov 11:55 GMT

In the wake of the economic and financial crisis, many European governments have cut spending on healthcare services. A new report from Eurofoun...


Is Renewable Marriage The Answer To UK’s Marriage Crisis?

Press Release • 05 Nov 09:34 GMT

The UK’s leading affair dating website is seeking a parliamentary debate about the future of modern marriage. With the high rate of divorce, an ...


Stay one step ahead – an API connection can be used to automate feedback management

Blog post • 19 Nov 10:52 GMT

What is API and how can it help you save time and work more efficiently with feedback from customers and employees? API means Application Progra...