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Pearly Queens

Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

TOP 20 Photo (not in MyLondon calendar) Geraldine snapped this couple on Brick Lane in East London. A substance abuse problem cost Geraldine her house and business before she finally got clean a few years ago. “I’m from Dublin but I arrived here a long time ago and I live in a housing association now. I’ve been homeless twice. And I’ve nearly lost my home a few times because of my addiction. I went to Crisis as a volunteer. I wanted something to do with my life.” She currently helps Café Art’s calendar project in Spitalfields Market, mainly helping with mentoring new vendors to gain sales skills, which was her background. “I think the calendar has empowered a lot of people. For three years now I have seen a lot of people really change their lives.”
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Photographer / Source Geraldine Crimmins
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