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Mansion Tax: The Challenge of Implementation

Mansion Tax: The Challenge of Implementation

Documents   •   Mar 18, 2015 10:22 GMT

Although the idea of a mansion tax seems very simple, there are many complex issues that would need to be ironed out before it could be implemented. These issues include the overall design, how properties would be valued, how it is collected, and when it might be introduced.

CBRE Hot 100: The Winners Of London’s Residential Market

It's time for CBRE's annual review of what's hot in the London residential property market

Midtown Residential - Our Patch, Our View Q3 2014

The sales team transacted a total of £63 million worth of property; an increase of 60% over both the quarter and the same time last year. Average £psf values also rose 2% over the quarter, bringing annual growth to 19%.

Regional Development Land. A Return To Sustainable Growth

Although there are tentative signs the housing market is starting to soen, there remains sufficient momentum to maintain a sustainable recovery. We expect house price growth of around 30% over the next five years.

Global Living: London In An International Context

In this report we review the London residential property market within its global context, and see how it competes with other world class cities. We examine a range of issues that influence property market performance and how our increasingly globalised way of living has influenced residential design.

Midtown Residential - Our Patch, Our View Q2 2014

In a quarter which saw the residential property market taking center stage in the media, the Midtown office continued its positive year with new records across both the sales and lettings teams.

Regional Development Land. A Market In Recovery.

The housing market is clearly in recovery mode, with a significant rebound in prices over the last year. However, despite this surge, the market still has some cushion before affordability becomes restrictive.

City Living: Increasing demand, increasingly prime

The City of London and its immediate surroundings have transformed over the last decade. It is still a thriving finance and business district, but it is now buzzing even when the financial markets close. The impressive range of bars and restaurants, boutique retailers and weekend entertainment is drawing in new residents. It is becoming a highly sought after residential location.

Towers of London, A rising contribution to housing

Since Aragon Tower over 30 London residential towers, of over 20 storeys in height, have been developed across London. A further eight residential towers are due to complete construction this year and another 31 are under construction and due to complete by 2018.

Midtown Residential - Our Patch, Our View Q1 2014

2014 is off to a flying start. Our sales team threw themselves into 2014 and transacted an impressive £45 million worth of property in the first quarter; that’s over £500,000 per day. This is 11% up on total volume for the same time last year. The team have seen a particularly pronounced demand for prime property, with almost half of total sales over £2 million.

Lack Of Investment Stock Leads To A Change Of Investor Focus

Significant increase in competition, coupled with low availability of existing product has led to substantial contraction in yields, particularly in Greater London. The reduction of perceived risk in the regions is shifting investment strategy to established regional centers.

Regional Residential ViewPoint

Regional Residential ViewPoint

Documents   •   Apr 17, 2014 16:13 BST

A positive start to 2014 with a further pick up in the residential property market as housebuilders continue to seek development opportunities.

Regional Rental Market: Where are the next rental hotspots?

The rental sector is increasingly becoming the tenure of choice for many young professionals priced out of home ownership. As a result the number of rental households has increased by one million over the past five years. It now accounts for 3.9 million households across England and Wales.

Midtown Residential, Our patch, Our view

Midtown Residential, Our patch, Our view

Documents   •   Mar 04, 2014 08:49 GMT

The Midtown office bucked the traditional trend that the final quarter of the year is usually the quietest. This was the second busiest quarter of 2013 for the sales team, who experienced an uplift of 36% in the number of exchanges relative to the third quarter. The final quarter also saw the highest value achieved for the year with an apartment reaching a value exceeding £2,650 psf.

Regional Residential ViewPoint Winter 2013/14

Regional Residential ViewPoint Winter 2013/14

Documents   •   Feb 13, 2014 08:57 GMT


CBRE Hot 100 - The winners of London’s residential market

Top 10 - Boroughs to buy in Top 10 - Tallest completed towers in London Top 10 - Tallest future towers in London Top 10 - Niche developments Top 10 - Riverside schemes Top 10 - First-time buyer locations Top 10 - Most expensive commuter towns Top 10 - Most affordable commuter towns Top 10 - Addresses Top 10 - Crossrail winners

Supplying London's housing needs

Supplying London's housing needs

Documents   •   Jan 22, 2014 08:30 GMT

In London the situation is ever more serious. Over the past decade London’s population has increased by around 800,000 whereas just 200,000 new homes have been built. With its population expected to increase by around 1 million over the next decade the pressure on housing will become even more acute.

London Classics: Village Life In The Capital City

2013 is turning into a good year for the capital. On the back of a surge in confidence, construction levels and sales rates are at a five year high. But underneath its skyline of cranes and skyscrapers, there are a handful of quiet little villages that, while still seeing strong growth in values, remain seemingly unchanged in physical terms. Perfect, the way they are.

Crossrail: The impact on London's property market

Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure project and its impact on London will be far reaching. In property terms, Crossrail is a game changer. It has already affected key investment decisions, acting as a catalyst for further development and providing a significant boost to property values.

Regional residential view point autumn 2013

Regional residential view point autumn 2013

Documents   •   Oct 25, 2013 09:14 BST

A pick up in demand, underpinned by the economic recovery and improving lending conditions, coupled with an ongoing shortage of new homes will help push national house prices up by 17% over the next five years.

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