The Start of My Career as a Cisco Apprentice

Blog posts   •   Jul 07, 2014 10:15 BST

I always thought Apprenticeships were a great alternative to university. I liked the idea of going straight into full time work, gaining experience as well as furthering my education and being paid for it. Starting Cisco as an apprentice, it still felt like this was the start of a long term career. Now looking back and forward for that matter, it has.

Are We There Yet?

Blog posts   •   Jun 19, 2014 17:17 BST

“I really didn't foresee the Internet. But then, neither did the computer industry. Not that that tells us very much of course--the computer industry didn't even foresee that the century was going to end.” ― Douglas Adams We may have missed the boat on the whole Y2K thing but something amazing is coming this way…

A Winning Formula: Cisco Services Recognised in Comms Dealer Sales Awards

Blog posts   •   Jun 04, 2014 15:09 BST

Cisco Services wins the Vendor Channel Marketing Campaign of the Year award from Comms Dealer magazine for its innovative Services Auto-Quoting Initiative.

Hackers Target Wi-Fi Hotspots to Exploit Company Data

Blog posts   •   May 13, 2014 16:02 BST

Corporate data seems to be the new modern day oil . Cyber criminals are exploiting the growing trend of accessing networks from public places such as coffee shops. So how do organisations ready themselves to counter cyber attacks?”

Video: Cisco Services Provides Atea Positive Growth and A Bright Future

Blog posts   •   May 12, 2014 14:14 BST

Steinar Sønsteby, CEO of ATEA says “We started to focus on services as a source of more stable, recurring revenue and we are seeing 19% growth in Services as opposed to product growth which is only at 9%.” Services now represents 22% of Atea’s business and it’s continuing to rise.

And the secret sauce of the success of the growth of Atea? Dag Fodstad, Managing Director of Atea Group in Norway says “It’s about investing in a person-to-person approach—account manager to account manager, management to management—all the way through Atea and Cisco – and that benefits the customer.”

Atea, Europe’s second largest IT infrastructure company, prove that with the right services mix, you can grow your business even when times are hard.

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How can I trust you if I can’t see you? Realities from the Home Front

Blog posts   •   May 09, 2014 17:55 BST

The tension between work and home life can seem unmanageable if your employer insists on everyone being office-bound all the time. Cisco has helped restore balance for its people with trust and tech that let its employees find their own equilibrium.

Video: Services Insider with Paula Dowdy

Blog posts   •   May 01, 2014 15:46 BST

Cisco's Senior Vice President of Service Sales in EMEAR Paula Dowdy, talking about her organization, what she's most excited about, and why the future is Service-centric.

You can’t Predict the Future can you?

Blog posts   •   Apr 11, 2014 18:36 BST

Can anyone predict the future? Many try, most fail. However the Internet of Everything and Big Data, are moving us closer to managing the unpredictable and just maybe, predicting the future.

Seeing is Believing: Cisco Smart Services Helps Uncover Network Vulnerabilities

News   •   Apr 08, 2014 16:44 BST

Learn how Cisco Smart Services helped Dimension Data generate profitable, recurring services revenues in this 3 min. video:“Seeing is Believing: A Contract Renewal Story.

When Business is a Matter of Life and Death

Blog posts   •   Apr 02, 2014 17:42 BST

When a client tells you that you are helping them in ‘Life and death situations’ it is both rewarding and a little daunting. Hear the inside track from one of Cisco's most successful partners,.. Damovo.

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