The joy and pain of fabulous shoes

News   •   Nov 02, 2011 10:49 GMT

Aside from a good lipstick in a great colour, there is nothing like a high heel to add instant glamour and confidence. A recent MSN survey showed that not only do women love high heels, but more importantly, they will substitute comfort over style to look fabulous in a gorgeous shoe.

Colour Me Beautiful Introduces new website for image enhancement

Press Releases   •   Oct 18, 2011 13:03 BST

Colour Me Beautiful, the premier image consultancy in the UK introduces its website for image enhancement for both men and women. The company's unique approach includes color analysis for maker up to help clients find the right make up to match their skin tone. The company website also highlights is wide range of Colour Me Beautiful Make-up that can be customized to match the needs of clients for a perfectly looking skin and enhance their looks for different occasions.


Colour Me Beautiful Cosmetics are designed for all women who need quality make up that has been customized per skin tone. The wide range of cosmetics come in numerous styles for warm and cool colors to ensure perfect mix for each skin tone. With the consultancy service, clients will not only get make up advice and color swatches but also tips in wardrobe selection. The services for women focus on colors for both clothing and make up as well as make up lessons to help clients get the results they want.


The Corporate package is a specialized consultancy service that teaches not only the principles of color and make up but also extends to etiquette and business decorum to ensure top notch business and professional presence. The service is a professional division of Colour me Beautiful and now with the website clients can be redirected to the site to receive in depth information about the service and how the clients can take advantage of it.


The bridal service is all about making the bride looking perfect. From tips on dress selection to applying make up for brides and bridesmaids, the company's comprehensive service includes guide books, unique hen parties, and tips for mothers of the bride, personal shopping and services for grooms. The services go beyond make up and styling and are a perfect pre-wedding preparation to get the bride all ready and confident about how they will look when the wedding comes.


The website also introduces its e-retail store where clients can purchase all helpful products from the company from gift packages, colour swatches, colour box systems, scarves, publications and vouchers, clients can choose what options fit their needs and make the selection based on what they found out will work for their needs. The Colour Me Beautiful make up line also includes a wide range of colors to perfectly cater to all skin tones in need of quality make up.


Part of the website features include a consultant finder where you can tap on the network to find a consultant or a CMB branch within the UK, Ireland and across the globe. The site also links to the training academy where interested parties, from individuals, retailers as well as companies can participate in various courses in personal styling, make up and color consultancy, corporate image, men's image, and others like the intensive one day specialist service.


About the Company

Colour me beautiful is an international leader for image styling for personal clients and corporate entities since 1983. With more than 1 millions clients served, the company's intuitive and ever evolving system appeals continues to inspire more people to look good. Get your colours done with Colour Me Beautiful.


For more information Visit:


Colour Me Beautiful

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Colour Me Beautiful, the premier image consultancy in the UK introduces its website for image enhancement for both men and women.

Colour Me Beautiful, the premier image consultancy in the UK introduces its website for image enhancement for both men and women.

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Dress for success: looking the part can make a difference

News   •   Oct 18, 2011 10:44 BST

You can’t have missed Mary Portas’ recent comment about our female politicians. Whilst looks and clothes may not be what politicians are all about, it does help to be well-turned-out.

About Colour Me Beautiful

Colour Me Beautiful was established in 1983 and are now the recognised leaders in personal and corporate image consulting. Over a million women and men have turned to us for advice on how to achieve the image they really deserve.

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