Corren Troen

Per Troen

Senior Partner - Corporate Finance, Private Client


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Per Troen, Danish Advokat and English Solicitor is one of the founders of Corren Troen and is the Senior Partner.

With experience from both large City and small independent law firms, Per’s background is a diverse one, that includes representing private and public companies, corporate finance houses and entrepreneurs from both the UK and Denmark.
He is the current Chairman of The Danish UK Chamber of Commerce, on the Board of Latchways PLC, the St Catherine’s College, Oxford Development Board and Vice Trustee of the ovarian cancer charity, Eve Appeal.

Per speaks Danish, English, French and German.


- Solicitor (UK) 2000
- Advokat (DK) 1983
- University of Copenhagen, Law 1981
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen 1976-1981
- University of Touraine, Tours, France 1975