E-beeze Ltd

Daniel Homoki-Farkas

Project Manager - Technical


  • daniel.homoki@e-beeze.co.uk
  • +44 20 8123 9862
  • 00 36 30 506 9133

Daniel has always had a passion for programming, demonstrated by starting his programming career during his high school days creating interactive web pages for E-beeze.
His skills include PHP, MySQL, CSS, and Objective-C language programming. During his studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, he was seen to be a high achiever and was appointed as project manager. Currently he is the leader of the Special Apps Squad (Technical Team). His key task is to get professional, platform optimized and user oriented applications developed.
He plays a key role in all projects from concept to delivery. He strongly believes that there is an app for all situations, there is a solution for everything and therefore nothing is impossible. Daniel does not stop until he finds the best solution to a challenge.
As leader of the Special Apps Squad he brings the different technical skills together and inspires individuals to produce unique out of the box solutions that have never been thought possible. At the same time he creates a link between the technical and business individuals, bridging the traditional communications gap.
Daniel is a huge Apple-fan – a true ‘iMan’ as his friends say – he knows everything about Apple products, technologies and software. He has his finger firmly on the pulse with regard to Smartphone platforms, keeping up-to-date all the time to the latest announcements, news and rumours – he constantly keeps E-Beeze one step ahead of competitors.
He is inspired by the impact and manner in which Steve Jobs has revolutionised the technology industry. Always doing what he truly believed in and creating remarkable projects such as the iPhone and iPad.