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How to Make A Great “About Us” Page

Blog post   •   Feb 03, 2014 11:11 GMT

There’s a right way and a wrong way to make the “About Us” pages you see on most websites.

In travel, it is important that the “About Us” page inspire trust in the user, since the visitors will potentially be spending a lot of money and they want to feel secure about doing so. Writing a lot of copy about how your site finds more options or how exactly just how many airlines you show prices from is not the way to go.

Here is an example of a rather generic About Us page in travel (I changed the actual name to Generic Travel):

In plain and simple words,

A convenient way to book travel. Think of GenericTravel as a price comparison website that helps you find the best deals available on internet for booking Flights, hotels and cars at the best price in minimum time Instead of having to search through various travel sites separately. We Search over 1100 online Airline and travel websites at Google style top-speed to within seconds give you an overview of the cheapest flights, hotels and cars we can find for you. We are committed to showing the “complete, honest and Un-biased comparison” of the deals which can be booked on the Internet today.

This text does not exactly tell my anything. And trust me, there are thousands of travel sites out there that will make you the same promise.

Some People Doing it Right

Mailchimp, the newsletter service used by millions, has a great “About” page. Go take a look.


Icelandic web-design firm Kosmos & Kaos have an awesome About-us page.


Reddit, one of the web’s biggest communities, has a very cool About-us page.


And finally,, the super-SEO site, have a truly unique About Us page.


The Common Denominator

The examples above have something in common. Can you tell what it is? They have images that capture the eye, text that is short and to the point and avoids hyperbole. They explain what it is that they do that no one else does and above all, they are personal. You get a sense of there being actual people behind the websites. You trust them.

Now take a look at your About page? Does it inspire trust, or is it generic market-speak, that could just as easily be on every other travel site in the world?

I’m sure you think you are unique (at least I hope so), and hopefully your site is as well. Now show it to the world!

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