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Is This the Internet’s Best Flight-Deal Gadget?

Blog post   •   Aug 09, 2012 10:47 BST

We outdid ourselves, for you.

We have a deal-finding gadget called Dohop Away that shows users flight prices from out database. You see, every time a user searches for a flight, our system “remembers” the price, for quicker lookup in the near future (called “caching”, in computer-lingo).

Dohop is unique in that we present users with flight search results where more than one booking has to be made, often saving users hundreds of dollars / pounds / what have you. These two-booking prices were put together on-the-fly and therefor hard to cache. After pouring boatloads of coffee into our programmers, however, we solved it.

And now, Dohop Away has those Dohop-special prices as well.

To see a list of prices from your nearest airport, just enter your airport in the little search box and select a date. We’ll do the rest. Try it -> Dohop Away.

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