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Norway’s #1 flight search?

Blog post   •   Nov 22, 2011 16:10 GMT

We are competing in a difficult market, one where the company with the most money to spend often comes out on top. We do not have unlimited resources to throw around as we are not a VC-funded million dollar ad-spend company. Which is frustrating because we so often have better prices than our competitors.

Here is an example. claim to be “Norway’s #1 search engine“. We did some comparisons and though we almost always had better prices it wasn’t by much, often just a few of those fancy Norwegian kroner. (They did beat us once, for Trondheim-Edinburgh, to be 100% honest).

However… once we strayed from the well traveled path of Oslo – New York and Bergen – London, we found something interesting.

Return flights from Stavanger to Marrakech in April. On the going rate is 11356 NOK ($1973, €1457) and involves flying to Frankfurt, then to Marseille and then on to Marrakech. Still with us? On Dohop, getting from Stavanger to Marrakech for those dates (the first dates we tried, by the way) was a simple jump through London’s Gatwick. And the price? 1862 NOK, which is $323, or 239 of those fancy Euros.

So Norway’s #1 flight search engine was 6 times more expensive than Dohop.

This will always apply for flights between two places that are not “connected” in the airline-industry sense of the word. This is what we do so well.

Norway’s #1 flight search engine? No. That’s Dohop now.

If only more people in Norway knew… (This is a hint. Share this post).

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