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The Top 5 Hotels in the World's Top 5 Cities

Blog post   •   Jun 20, 2012 15:26 BST

What are the most popular hotels in the world?

When choosing a hotel, what is it that you look for? Price? Location? The selection of cocktails at the bar? Whatever your criteria, we know which are the most popular hotels in the world's most popular cities. And now, so do you...

Here are the most popular hotels in five of the world's most popular cities, along with our favorite customer recommendation for that hotel.

1. London

The Hyatt Regency, The Churchill. 5 Stars. They apparently have great breakfast: "Out of 11 reviews of the hotel's breakfast, ten said it was delicious."

2. New York City

Jumeirah Essex House. 5 Stars. It seems guests at Essex House like the hotel bar: "23 guests reviewed the bar, 19 felt it had a great atmosphere and selection."

3. Paris

Le Chat Noir Design Hotel. 3 Stars. Comfy beds for a good night's sleep: "26 guests mentioned the bed comfort in a review, 25 felt the beds were comfortable."

4. Oslo

Best Western Kampen Hotel. 4 Stars. Guests were into the decorations: "Five guests reviewed the décor, five mentioned how modern it was."

5. Miami

Hilton Miami Downtown. 3 Stars. In Miami, it's all about the water. "55 guests mentioned the pool in a review, 47 said they loved using it." Remember, when you search for hotels on Dohop, be sure to check out what other guests have said about it. An interesting thing the list above shows is that people staying at five star hotels are not always the happiest. The most popular hotels in Paris and Miami, for instance, are three star hotels. Our default sorting for hotel results is by popularity, but this can easily be switcehd to sort by price. Try the hotel search out for yourself.... searching is free. We also guarantee we have the lowest price, if that sort of thing is important to you.

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