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Dohop’s flight whitelabel powers over 2000 travel sites

Press release   •   Nov 25, 2014 11:47 GMT

Reykjavik, November 23d 2014

Flight meta-search Dohop launched its flight search whitelabel affiliate program in 2009 and this week the number of active partner websites reached 2020, while the total number of whitelabels is much higher. Dohop shares all revenue created from flight bookings through the travel affiliate program with the owner of the site hosting the flight search. Dohop’s award-winning software searches for and matches flights, creating itineraries that are often unavailable on other sites. Examples of larger sites that have incorporated Dohop’s whitelabel technology to assist with their flight searches include Virgin Atlantic and Milan’s Malpensa airport.

A whitelabel is a version of a product where the creator’s branding has been removed and replaced with the user’s branding. Many, however, choose to keep the Dohop brand in place.

Dohop’s flight search is easy for website administrators to set up and customize and this may in part explains the growth. It is available in 26 languages, including a right-to-left orientation for Arabic, and the results are presented in a clear, easy to read manner.

“The growth of the whitelabel program surpassed even the most optimistic of our projections so we are of course very pleased. In fact, what was supposed to be a side-project has now grown into a separate division of the company, with dedicated project managers and developers” says Kristjan Bjarnason, Dohop’s CEO.

Dohop was founded in 2004 on the premise of helping travellers find flight connections on low-cost airlines and later expanded to include all airlines and a growing number of online travel agents. Dohop’s unique flight search engine allows travellers to find all available flight connections between any two or more airlines, without the necessity of an existing relationship between the airlines.


Dohop’s affiliate program:

Media contact: Johann Thorsson, Head of Marketing, 354 561 4848,


Dohop is a technology company in the travel industry. Dohop was founded in 2004 as a website to find connecting flights with low cost airlines.

The flight search engine can find routes and prices for nearly every airline in the world, as well as nice hotels and rental cars. Dohop also offers enterprise solutions for airline and airport websites, in the form of customized verisons of the flight search.

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