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Ductor Corp. registered its trademarks and logo

Press Release   •   Oct 23, 2012 15:52 BST

Helsinki: Ductor Corp. announced that Office for Harmonization in the Internal Markets (Trade Marks and Designs) has granted company certificate of registration for its main product Turbo Organic ®as well as for the Finnish version Turboluomu ®. On top of these a certification of registration was also granted for the Ductor logo.

“These registered trademarks are going to be part of the package that will be licensed / sold to manufacturers that will be utilizing our patented technology in a near future!” States company COO Jukka Ropponen.Registered Ductor logo

Ductor Corp. Is a Finnish biotechnology company with a solid portfolio of proprietary and patented technology for biologically producing ammonia and phosphates from recycled materials. Licensed manufacturers can use Ductor technology to produce organic fertilizers that are equal in strength to chemical fertilizers yet more environmentally sustainable. Ductor is located at the Helsinki Business and Science park and currently employs 20 people. More information

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