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Council Performance Continues to Improve

Press Release   •   Dec 12, 2013 09:42 GMT

East Staffordshire Borough Council has announced a successful period of performance both in terms of financial success and targets delivered for the second quarter of the financial year.

At the meeting of East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Cabinet, held on Monday 9th December, officers presented the performance and financial outturn results up to the second quarter (1st April to 30th September 2013). The report demonstrated that the Council is on track to successfully deliver over 96% of all its Corporate Plan targets, while forecasting an under-spend for the financial year of around £249,000.

The Performance Report considers progress against actions set out in the Corporate Plan, in addition to benchmarking the Council against other similar local authorities. At the end of the second quarter, 96.12% of the milestones were recorded as ‘Green’ - i.e. one that has either already been completed or is expected to achieve the annual target based on current performance. This compares to 95.24% for the same period last year and 93.10% in 2011/12.

The targets which are red i.e. an indicator which is currently off target or has been completed behind the target deadline, are influenced by other organisations, and so are not wholly in the Councils immediate control and relate to major planning applications, infrastructure development and IT developments.

In terms of financial performance the Council is pleased to forecast a continued under-spend for the current financial year of around £249,000. This is a very pleasing position given that substantial savings have been built into the budget in recent years.

Councillor Richard Grosvenor, Leader of the Council, said: “The evidence shows that the Council has continued its strong start to the year in terms of performance. Not only are we on course to achieve over 96% of our targets but we are a high performing authority in our benchmarking exercise, having been ranked 1st in 10 the 14 indicators in which we benchmark against.

“Not only does the Council continue to achieve these high levels of performance but we are able to do so whilst cumulatively decreasing council tax rates by 1.8%, compared to an average increase of 1.8% among our nearest neighbours and a 1.9% increase nationally.”

Andy O’Brien, Chief Executive of the Council, added: “ESBC has once again proven itself to be in a very strong position in terms of both performance and finance and has a very promising start to the year.

“I would however like to make it clear that although these are pleasing figures the Council will continue to work hard in order to achieve the same value for money we currently offer.”

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