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Elmia Subcontractor attracts global leaders

Press Release   •   Sep 12, 2014 13:57 BST

The main speakers at Elmia Subcontractors’ conference Additive Manufacturing – State of the Industry are now booked. Some of the world’s most prestigious experts in the field will attend the fair to give their view on the future of 3D printing and the opportunities it offers.

Additive manufacturing is more topical than ever. Many experts say companies must use this new technology if they are to compete in the future. The time for this new technology is now. That is why Elmia Subcontractor is proud to offer several of the world’s most important and famous experts in this field.

The star consultant to major corporations, Terry Wohlers of the USA, is the keynote speaker. With companies such as ABB, Airbus, Apple and NASA among his clients and a global network of contacts he will report on the current situation of additive manufacturing around the world.
“It’s exciting to see what’s been done so far and even more thrilling to predict what we don’t know and what might be possible in the future,” he says.

Dr Eric Klemp is Business Director at the highly regarded DMRC research centre in Paderborn, Germany. He says many challenges remain before additive manufacturing can satisfy everyone’s expectations and demands in the form of higher productivity, more reliability and better quality control. At the conference he will discuss how examples of experienced users that prove the potential of 3D printing are necessary in order to create confidence in this technology.

New Zealand’s Olaf Diegel, Professor of Product Development at Lund University, will examine the myths surrounding additive manufacturing and present examples of fantastic advantages that can be achieved if the technology is used correctly.
“Sweden lags behind in 3D printing but if we adopt the technology we can add innovative values that will give us the chance to become world leaders,” he says.

The conference “Additive Manufacturing – State of the Industry” will be held on 11 November at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. The event is organised by Elmia Subcontractor in cooperation with Swerea and SVEAT.

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